Program MONITORING / REDUCING CO2 in the Czech Republic, 2015-2016:

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    Achieved reduction of CO2 emissions

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Program's ambassadors.

  • Global climate change is nowadays generally considered the most serious environmental threat. It has already had many negative impacts and even more serious negative impacts are to be expected in the future.

    prof. Bedřich Moldan

    Deputy to the director and a long-term director of the Centre for Environmental Issues at Charles University
  • Veronika Černá
    The objective not to increase the global temperature by more than 2 degrees Celsius represents a challenge for all companies, including the ones in the building industry. I am delighted that our company Skanska is the leader in the field of green building and is actively striving to reduce the carbon footprint from its activities. I firmly believe that other companies will follow our example.

    Ing. Veronika Černá

    Leader of the Green Business Team, Skanska a. s.
  • It is not important whether you believe that climate changes have been caused only by humans. What is important is the fact whether you believe that the human or the company is obliged to treat others with respect and express humbleness to things that transcend and go beyond us.

    Ing. Dan Jiránek

    Mayor of Kladno, former Chairman of the Association of Cities and Municipalities of the Czech Republic