About program

Program MONITORING / REDUCING CO2 is a voluntary tool for the environmental protection, which enhances active involvement of companies, municipalities and other entities in activities focused on climate protection. The programs stems from the objectives of international and national agreements and treaties and its objective is to raise awareness in terms of the climate protection issue, support and publicising particular measures and projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases emissions in the Czech Republic. The whole program, which is truly unique and the only one of its kind  was launched in July 2015.

Program MONITORING / REDUCING CO2 consists of two parts:

1. The Mark part – awarding an independent mark of quality based on setting, calculation or validation of carbon footprint
2. The Offset part – realization and support of Czech offset projects enabling the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions

Umbrella Institutions for the program
The umbrella body is Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

The program´s ambassadors are eminent personalities:

prof. Bedřich Moldan
Deputy to the director and a long-term director of the Centre for Environmental Issues at Charles University
Ing. Veronika Černá
Leader of the Green Business Team, Skanska , joint-stock company
Ing. Dan Jiránek
Executive Director of the Association of Cities and Municipalities of the Czech Republic

The expert guarantor and the administrator of the program is a Czech non-profit organisation CI2, benevolent association, which along with other partners systematically monitors and checks the carbon footprint in various Czech companies and which realizes expert activities supporting climatically responsible entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic.