How to get involved

Getting involved in the program MONITORING / REDUCING COis very easy. All you have to do is to choose from several ways of participation based on your preferences and current possibilities. When fulfilling the entry conditions, the appropriate certificate will be issued based on the selected option of involvement. You will also get the mark of respective program level and necessary supporting materials. The overview of individual levels of involvement can be found here or you can download the basic information summary (offer sheet).

If you are interested, please, contact the guarantor of the program – CI2, o.p.s. (public benefit organization), e-mail: info [at], cell: +420 736 162 066.
Co-ordinator: Petr Pavelčík, petr.pavelcik [at], cell: + 420 733 457 578

The latest version of the program rule MONITORING / REDUCING CO2 in the Czech Republic (valid from 30. 06. 2015) - Download the PDF (only Czech).