Planned Projects

Planned projects

Several new offset projects in municipalities are being prepared by experts in cooperation with our partner organisations for realization in 2016-17 and other projects are in the phase of realization or searching. As soon as the financial support is gained for their realization and after realizing the stated projects, there will be a total reduction of emitted greenhouse gases in the Czech Republic by more than 650 tons of CO2.

Krajinná zeleň u města Nové Strašecí

Výsadba aleje jabloní u Holešova

Realized projects

Krajinotvorný ovocný sad Blížkovice – Žlebouš, Městys Blížkovice, Jihomoravský kraj, realized in 2016

Školní stromy pro Nový Bor - Město Nový Bor, Liberecký kraj, realized in 2015